An A3 workbook and electronics syllabus book are combined for a unique and interactive learning experience for students of Design and Communication Graphics & Technical Graphics.

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The TG Student Package is designed for students of Junior Certificate Technical Graphic, this package encourages understanding and visualisation through a variety of custom animations and 3-D representations.

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3D Models

Free Access

You can access a large selection of free to view 3D Models created by DCG Solutions.


In line with the new specifications, Graphic Solutions incorporates a number of resources to provide a unique and interactive learning experience for students and teachers of Junior Cycle Graphics. View a sample chapter and extra resources here.

Includes a range of extra teacher resources to assist with implementing the new Graphics syllabus: Classroom Activities, Chapter Schemes, Chapter Assessments, Interactive model links etc



A key features of all our packages are the DCG Solutions E-books, these electronic books are not just pdf pages or static pictures but vibrant, fully animated and annotated learning resources that encourage visualisation and understanding of the topics covered.

The books contain 100's of sample questions, while the e-books include interactive step by step solutions to workbook questions and exams questions.  


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About DCG Solutions

When DCG Solutions began our sole aim had been to design and develop educational materials of the highest quality, innovation and relevance for Leaving Certificate Design
and Communication Graphics.

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Customer says...

Absolutely love book and CD Better and much cheaper than grinds Would recommend to every student studying DCG Covers all the Leaving Cert DCG course and very easy to use.
-- Georgina Allen from Mullingar

I am very impressed with the applied graphics workbook and e book. The topics are developed in detail and the 3d graphic models are excellent for explaining and visualising the key concepts . The students enjoy completing the worksheets and being able to access the E book on their home PC's.
-- Liam Sheridan from Kildare.

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