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What does the Student Package Contain?

Each Student Package incorporates an electronic syllabus book and a hard copy A3 workbook covering the complete syllabus.

As standard all e-books now include free access to our online e-books and a free download of the e-book for offline use. For a unique learning experience use the e-book in conjunction with the workbook.

You can visit our shop to see detailed information for each package.

How long will delivery take?

Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 2-4 working days from the time of ordering.

Some schools use Student Group Orders - Each student orders and pays online using a school discount code to qualify for free delivery. These orders are grouped together and delivered to the school in one shipment on a date specified by the teacher.

Can I buy the book in a book shop?

Yes, the DCG and TG Students Packages are currently available in a number of local retailers.

Check out the stockist map here to find your local retailer. Stock may vary depending on demand, please contact individual retailers or DCG Solutions to confirm stock.

School/teachers can contact DCG solutions to arrange stock in specific retailers.

How can Schools or Teachers place group orders?

Group/class orders can be placed by phone, email or online here. Orders are usually delivered within two working days. The Teacher/School can be invoiced for the order on delivery; payment can be made by cheque, postal order or electronic transfer. For debit/credit card payment please contact DCG Solutions.

Student Group Orders can also be arrange, with student group orders each student orders and pays for the Student Packages online using a school discount code to qualify for free delivery. Orders are grouped together

See more information or place a group order online.

I was given a school discount code by my teacher, how do I use this?

1) Hover over the Students Tab and choose Group Order Student Packages from the dropdown menu.

2) Choose the required package, click the red cart button and select Show Cart to check out.

3) In the space provided (above the credit card payment area) apply the given code to avail of free delivery and an additional discount.

4) All orders will be grouped together and delivery to the school in one shipment

How do I Register/Activate my E-book?

We have specific helps for e-books.

The links below contain Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions to Common Problems & Error Messages for each type of E-book. Choose the e-book you need help with.

Online E-book

E-book Download

E-book on Disc     

Can I use the E-book on a Mac/Table/I-pad?

The online version will work on all Macs, Tablets and I-Pads once an updated internet browser is installed.
Unfortunately the offline download version is windows specific and will not work on a Mac, Tablet or I-pad.


User Guides and Instructions

How to Access the Online E-books

How to Register an E-book from a Disc (Purchased before September 2015)

How to Download the Offline E-book (Purchased after September 2015)

How to Activate and Install an Offline E-book Download


There a 3 ways which the e-book can be used: Online, a Download and on a Disc. The links below contain Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions to Common Problems & Error Messages for each type of E-book. Click on the picture for help with a specific E-book.

   Download Help       

Although we love hearing from users and are always happy to help, by checking the links above and the frequently asked questions you help us respond more quickly to questions that haven’t already been answered.

About DCG Solutions

When DCG Solutions began our sole aim had been to design and develop educational materials of the highest quality, innovation and relevance for Leaving Certificate Design
and Communication Graphics.

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Customer says...

Absolutely love book and CD Better and much cheaper than grinds Would recommend to every student studying DCG Covers all the Leaving Cert DCG course and very easy to use.
-- Georgina Allen from Mullingar

I am very impressed with the applied graphics workbook and e book. The topics are developed in detail and the 3d graphic models are excellent for explaining and visualising the key concepts . The students enjoy completing the worksheets and being able to access the E book on their home PC's.
-- Liam Sheridan from Kildare.

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