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1) Click the My Account button on the top left of the screen, Log in to your account using the username and password chosen when you set up the account. How do I Set Up my Online Account

2) After Log-in a new Tab will appear called Online E-books.
Use the dropdown menu from Online E-books to locate Download E-book.

Click the arrow to expand the download links as shown below. Click the Download E-Book link to go to the download page.

3) Follow the suggested on-screen set up to install the ebook, additional information can be found here  Download and Activation Instructions.

4) A serial number will be sent to your email, choose Online Activation and copy/paste the serial number provided to activate the E-book.


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About DCG Solutions

When DCG Solutions began our sole aim had been to design and develop educational materials of the highest quality, innovation and relevance for Leaving Certificate Design
and Communication Graphics.

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Customer says...

Absolutely love book and CD Better and much cheaper than grinds Would recommend to every student studying DCG Covers all the Leaving Cert DCG course and very easy to use.
-- Georgina Allen from Mullingar

I am very impressed with the applied graphics workbook and e book. The topics are developed in detail and the 3d graphic models are excellent for explaining and visualising the key concepts . The students enjoy completing the worksheets and being able to access the E book on their home PC's.
-- Liam Sheridan from Kildare.

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